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Forestal Park is a novel adventure theme park taking placein the trees and design for all kind of public. It has more than 90 games in height and 11 dossals. The park is located in the heart of the protected landscape of Las Lagunetas surrounded by a fantastic pine forest. It also has picnic areas which may be used to take a snack.

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It will begin with the supplying to all participants with personal protective kit. They then pass to a circuit training where they learn the different security techniques and proper use of equipment.

Minimum height 1.10 meters for Family Circuit and minimum height 1.45 meters for Sporty Circuit.

More information

Location: TF -24 Teide La Esperanza to km 16 , Las Lagunetas .


* Go with sporty outfit and closed shoes (flip-flops and other open shoes are not allowed)

* If participants bring gloves for carrying out the activities , they should be sporty type (no fingers coverage).


Forest Nature Park Canary S. L. reserves the right to modify planned activities for safety reasons , lack of skills or due to force majeure . If Forest Nature Park Canary S. L. find itself in the obligation to cancel an activity for some reason , the amount paid will be fully refunded to participants without a claim for additional compensation .


Forest Nature Park Canarias SL, will not cancel any activity due to adverse weather conditions unless they are deemed risky to participants ( storm, strong wind, heavy rain, etc . )

In case of bad weather all reserved services may not be waived or refunded if Forestal Nature Park Canarias SL considers that the conditions are suitable for the activity to be carried out. In those cases It`s available the possibility of changing day subject to availability to keep the prepayment.

Picnic Area :

Closing hours of the park is strict. The facilities do not have catering, beverage sales only. The picnic areas are located outside our cabin, so its use is subject to the weather conditions of the day.

Enjoy the experience, and remember to leave your review or comment at the end of your activity. Do you dare to make a puzzling?

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